Sunday, October 3, 2010

emily | madison children's photographer

I'm linking this image up to the Love That Shot! There's a contest there to share our favorite face. Well, I must say I do love my own kiddo's face the most, but in the past month, my favorite picture I've taken is this one of Emily. She was the most adorable baby and her sister is dang cute too.

What I love about this shot is the juxtaposition of the tiny baby and the big city. And of course those big blues.
I shot this with my D3000 and my kit 18-55 lens. The biggest tip I have for getting this type of eyes is to shoot with a good amount of light entering the person's eyes, whether that be reflected off of you or another building or if you just happen to have the perfectly lit overcast day, like this one was. Because I had such great light, this photo is only minimally edited with sharpening.

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Marvett Smith said...

She is beautiful! Love this image!