Friday, December 31, 2010


When you really think about it, New Year's Day is just another day.
We all know that, yet somehow it's treated as some sort of milestone.
We've been through another year. What is a year anyway? 365 days.
And each of those days made of 24 hours. Each hour filled with something.
All those little somethings making up a year. And then what? We start over?
Not even close.
Used as an opportunity to resolve to eat better or be a kinder person,
yet resolutions as a practice, almost always fail.

This new year, 2011, I have no resolutions.
Normally I'm a make a resolution and stick to it kind of girl.
But this year, all I want is to continue to grow as a person, wife, mother...
2011 holds a lot of promise..
-my baby daughter will be born
-my not-so-baby-anymore son will turn 3
-my husband and I will have made it through a year of marriage
-i will get painstakingly close to finishing my degree

But all those big things will never be better than all the little somethings that make up each and every hour in each and every day in the next 365. All the tiny moments that I might not remember if it weren't for my camera. All those little moments that when added together, mean something really special. Watching my children grow. Becoming better. May 2011 be all that we want it to be and if it's not, may we feel the same way for the next New Year's celebration.

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