Monday, January 31, 2011

feelin' girly crafty

Since I took out my sewing machine a little over a month ago, I've been loving that thing. I bought it for myself about a year ago determined to learn. I got frustrated quickly and when school started in the fall, I completely ignored it. When I brought it out after the semester ended, some kind of fairies must have worked their magic on it because it was no longer frustrating me.

Crib sheets and changing pad covers were on my original list of things to sew, but since my list has dwindled so much, I decided I could fit in some fun projects.
I was feeling extra crafty and I whipped up this onesie dress.
The tutorial for a onesie dress can be found at Prudent Baby. I'm linking to a group of dress projects because I can't wait to try more of them. Even though the tutorial says it's a 10-minute project, I beg to differ. I'd say more like an hour for someone who is a little more beginner. I had to cut the fabric and I decided to put on trim though...
The fabric on the dress is Alexander Henry Apples and Pears (got it at Joann's) and I even threw on some cute little yellow rick-rack trim that I found in my stash my grandma gave me.

I also crocheted a little hat for the girl. I wish it wasn't pink, but it was the best color I had on hand. I would love to do it in grey. I just may have to. The flower on the hat is one that I wore for our wedding in October and can be easily removed. It's just an alligator clip. Yay for sharing.

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Elizabeth said...

I love that you're already sharing accessories with your daughter. Precious. She's lucky to have you as her momma!