Friday, February 11, 2011

photo tip: why poop is better than cheese

Super classy post title, right? I thought so.
No really though, when it comes to taking pictures of kids, cheese sucks and poop is all that (and a bag of po-tat-o chips). Ignore that.

Telling a kid to say "cheese" usually results in a cheesy smile.
Just SAYING "poop" to a kid usually gets a genuine laugh and if you're ready for it, the perfect REAL smile. I know, potty mouth is probably not the best, BUT everyone poops and I'd much rather him show up to preschool one day talking about poop than saying the plethora of other naughty words he's probably heard.

So there it is. Just say poop. Embrace it.

1 comment:

Arden Prucha said...

I say 'poop' all of the time! :)
The boys love it.