Monday, May 16, 2011

photography isn't just about the photos

I don't think I've ever explicitly said it, but I'm starting a business.
I've known that I wanted to for a while. We finally had a talk about it and I decided to just freaking do it already.
I mean, RIGHT! I was just so afraid. Lately, my fears have subdued. Thanks to many wonderful friends, my portfolio is looking thicker and my dreams have been validated.

Looking at myself five years ago, I would have never told you I was going to be a photographer.
I would have never told you that I would want to start my own business.
I went into college as a math major. MATH. Derivatives anyone?
One of my older brothers is an electrical engineer. The other one is a freaking genius too. No one ever put pressure on me, but I've always felt the pressure to be something great. But who says great has to be math? I still think physics is fascinating, but it's not what I want for my life. It's really hard figuring out what you really want from your life.

So now that I'm going into business, photography isn't just about taking cute pictures.
It's about strategy. Marketing. Pricing. Scheduling. Designing.
And a little bit of shooting. And editing.
It's kind of cool. Okay, it's really cool.
More than anything, I just want to be a smart businesswoman.
I want to do it right and I don't want to cheat myself.

My photography WEBSITE (not blog) is being worked on.
I can't give an exact date for when it will be live, but it's coming...

And in case you forgot what Evan looks like...

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