Sunday, July 3, 2011

twin lakes, wisconsin

We went to Twin Lakes this weekend to visit some family and to get out in the sun and on the lake. Twin Lakes is a sort of summer destination. There are two lakes and a lot of fun! There were tons of people out on jetskis, boating, tubing and on the beach! We got to hang out on a private beach because of where our relatives live, which was nice! They have waverunners and a boat, so it was a fun-filled day. We went to a parade in the morning, spent the afternoon in the water and the sand and spent the evening watching BOTH of the kids' first fireworks (neither one of them was scared- Mila was asleep and Evan might as well have been!). We are so thankful to have family that live out there. I told them I might have to move into their basement. The waverunners were incredible- I'd never done that before and I had the time of my life. Eric and I took Evan out on the 3-seater one and we had a great time too! Overall, we just had a great time with great family!

I took a lot of pictures with my 35mm rental lens. Below are some of my favorites! The puppy is Kylie and she actually likes me! The second is Eric's uncle and his wife. There's a man out there that transformed his pontoon into a pirate ship. Mila did not enjoy that life vest- we found another one that is meant for much smaller babies and she was relatively content. The last two make me so happy and so sad- I love my kids so incredibly much and am amazed by them hourly, but why do they have to grow so big so quickly?

Little sidenote: I will be announcing my summer mini sessions on my Facebook page toward the end of the week! Come join the fun!

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Elizabeth said...

LOVE the closeup of Mila... And the one below of Evan is precious as well!