Monday, August 29, 2011

happy birthday evan!

Saturday was Evan's birthday. We had a whole birthday weekend planned. On Friday, we headed out to the Milwaukee zoo (pictures to come) and on Saturday, we had a little family party planned. We woke up, had a pancake breakfast and headed to the farmers' market. We spent the afternoon frosting cupcakes and then the family arrived. Evan had a great time hanging out with everyone and opening presents. He doesn't need help anymore... *sniff, sniff!* He thought the birthday song was pretty awesome and was REALLY excited about his new big kid bike. Mila was such a good girl during Evan's party, getting passed from person to person.. yikes. I can't believe he's 3, but really, he's been 3 for a while. Since he's been potty trained, we've pretty much thought of him as a 3-year-old. I thought I would be really emotional on his birthday, but I was really just excited for him because he was so excited! He knows what a birthday is and he knows that we like them a lot and he knows now that he likes them a lot! Yay! I love birthdays! I don't think I went as all out with the cake as I have in past years, but this is what Evan wanted and when you're 3, "ask and you shall receive." Haha! (Previous cakes can be seen here) Balloons were the best decoration this year- he woke to a bedroom filled with them and we picked up a big bunch more in the afternoon- totally realized I missed a good picture of the Mickey and Thomas balloons. Whoops! Oh! And Evan blew out the candles without any help!

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