Monday, September 5, 2011

new wallet packaging!

When thinking about packaging my clients' prints, I really wanted something fun! I want my packaging to represent my brand. It needs to be simple, clean, smart, modern. But I have to go slow. I can't go crazy (yet), but I did need to figure out how to package my wallets. Seniors especially love to trade wallet-sized prints with their friends, so when thinking about this packaging, I was thinking very particularly about what a senior would like and what would still go with my brand. When I was a senior in high school, they used those plastic lucite containers that break so easily. When I went on my search, I found these AWESOME stainless boxes that I think are perfect! They're different and they can stand up to being stuck in a backpack and tossed around. At some point, I'll also be able to easily stick a cute little logo sticker on the outside.. yay!

It's also really cool that my seniors can stick some of their rep cards in their tin too.. the rep card case will even fit in there! The box can easily fit about 100 rep cards- yes! They can easily give one wallet to a friend and take another to put in their box. They'll be able to keep this tin with their friends' senior pictures forever and it can easily be used for something else too! Fun fun fun!

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