Tuesday, October 4, 2011

lately // an update

lately it's been lots of art projects
lately it's structured activities all day long
lately my kitchen has been feelin' the love
lately i'm just hoping for new inquiries
lately i'm working harder at making those happen
lately chocolate is what i crave
lately i'm all about keeping the peace
lately we're watching pioneer woman
lately i'm dreaming of a house to call a home
lately we're already talking about dear santa letters
lately rolled up skinny jeans and loose tops is what i wear
lately fruit snacks for breakfast
lately not as much sleep as would be welcome
lately i'm into inspirational talks on
lately the little's bed has become portable
lately we're starting a chore chart to earn new books
lately wishing my bangs would finish growing out already
lately i've been very reflective
lately not as many blogs and too much pinterest
lately not as many lists
lately living life's moments one at a time
lately a 2 nap/day baby
lately rooting for our teams.. crew, pack, badgers!
lately thinking about redesigning the blog... again
lately so happy to have a husband who supports every move i make
lately very excited about an anniversary coming up
lately a little more patient

//photos taken with iPhone, intended to Instagram them, but forgot before deleting

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