Monday, October 24, 2011

the weekend

this weekend was rather relaxing.

friday // eric had the day off. we spent some time driving around taking in the beauty of fall in wisconsin. we ended up at the in-laws' house where we relaxed a bit and had a little adventure outdoors. then we headed out to lunch at a small town place called 'the grumpy troll.' we had an enormous pretzel, literally the size of a pizza. after that, we came home to make halloween cupcakes and relax for the afternoon. after dinner, we made a fort out of chairs and blankets. after the littles went to bed, eric and i spent the night catching up on american horror story. that show is super twisted. i was really freaked out by the time we went to bed, but snuggles cure that pretty easily.

saturday // mila and i headed out to help my (future) sister-in-law shop for her wedding gown. i got to meet her mom and her friends. it was a lot of fun! i didn't really get an experience like that when i got married so it was fun to witness and be a part of. thanks brooke! and she said yes to the dress! it's so beautiful. mila was cranky and sleepy so we came home and the rest of the evening was really just a big relaxation fest for me and the kids. i spent saturday night avoiding watching the badger game by watching hgtv and friends reruns (will never get enough of it) only to find out i missed a really crazy game.

sunday // my grandparents came in from st. louis and we had a nice little visit. i don't have a lot of family in the area anymore, so it's always a treat and the visits are never long enough. my grandma brought all kinds of awesome old dr. seuss (and other) books for the kids and some other little goodies, including these delicious little cookies from trader joe's. they're amazing dipped in milk and i imagine would be pretty tasty dipped in your morning (or afternoon, that's when i usually drink mine) coffee. after they left, mila and i both got to take a nappy. then eric left for work and mila napped again and evan fell asleep on the couch next to me so i took advantage of the time and... surfed the internet!

overall, it was a really relaxing weekend. our weekends aren't exactly "normal" considering eric's schedule but we like it that way. at least for now. you'll have to excuse the mess around here for a while. i'm messing with my code and trying to figure out a blog design i like. i want a thinner post section and a sidebar and more personality, but i still want to maintain the simple, clean look.

on the agenda today: laundry. and more laundry.

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