Monday, July 30, 2012

oh! free iphone wallpaper download

After writing my post last week about lightbulb moments, I came up with this cute iPhone wallpaper. It really came to me while I was working on another project and I couldn't help loving it. It's perfect for your lock screen! When you have a lightbulb moment, don't you just say <<OH!>>

To install the wallpaper on your phone, simply:

1. Click and hold your finger over the image.
2. Click Save Image.
3. Go to your Camera Roll, find the image and select Use as Wallpaper. Choose lock screen (you wouldn't be able to read it on your home screen).

// Please use this iPhone wallpaper for personal use only. if you post this on your blog, please link to me! I hope to be able to make more of these for sure! Enjoy!

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