Thursday, August 2, 2012

the cool crowd // media awareness

There are so many cool people online. Like seriously cool people. Writing blogs. Taking photos. Traveling to faraway lands. Making a name for themselves. Sure, we are all online. We all search and pin and tweet. But the cool people are the ones creating. Cool crowd? Maybe. But it's a free-for-all. We all have this chance. To be cool, I mean. To be savvy. It can be hard- dealing wither the jealous feelings of wanting to be cool like her, to dress like her, to have her confidence, to be talented like her, to have a nice house like her. But we are all on our own journey. And if we want to be cool on the Internet, all we have to do its work hard and get it. This isn't high school and the cool kids shouldn't be so intimidating.

Can I tell you a secret? I was terrified of the popular crowd in high school. I was so jealous of what they had that I often forgot about what I had. And I'm only now starting to grow out of that and realize that I just want to be me and that my mind has something to offer too.

As part of my own media awareness, I have to recognize my feelings as I search this vast... VAST Internet. Am I 8 pages deep into this blog because I am feeling jealous or am I truly inspired? What will I take away from this person? Am I going to click 'X' and then go feel like shit because I don't have what she* has (or what I think she does) or am I going to do something about it? Because there is no point if it's the former.
Don't make yourself feel like shit. You have that choice. If you wanna be cool, then be cool

*I relate to the her/she because I am a girl. It's just an ambiguous character. It could be anyone.

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