Wednesday, August 1, 2012

yummy eats: snow pea salad with strawberries & radishes

I came up with this recipe really randomly. I've been trying really hard to feed myself and my family a lot less processed food so our fridge is absolutely packed full of fruits and veggies. In an effort to reduce waste (since the girls in the family are the only ones who will even look at a snow pea or a radish), I threw a bunch of random things in a bowl, mixed up some red wine vinaigrette (my go-to!) and it was so delicious! Everything in this dish just marries so well.. the crunch of the veggies with the soft, sweetness of the strawberries.. ah! it's divine!

So this isn't really a "recipe" per se.. when it comes to salads, you can kind of wing it and just throw in the amounts that suit your tastes.

I cleaned up some snow peas.. threw them in a bowl.
Sliced thinly some red onions and added them.
Sliced my strawberries, added them.
Sliced my radishes, added them.
Then, to mix up my vinaigrette, I mixed 2 parts olive oil with 1 part red wine vinegar and seasoned with salt and pepper. TASTE and you'll know if it's right. You can always adjust.
Pour a little vinaigrette over your veggies and strawberries and eat!
I also tried this with bottled Italian dressing and that was good too.
And I'm thinking some sunflower seeds mixed in would be really fabulous as well.


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