Sunday, September 2, 2012

5 cute things for your iPad

We just got an iPad. Too exciting. (It was a gift. Thanks Dad!)
I'm still keeping my media use under control though. Mostly.
The kids love to play games and watch Youtube videos. Mostly Maru and babies. And Pete.
I love that Pinterest is so user-friendly. And the "notes" section.. already very full.
And I usually do my blog reading on my iPhone, so the bigger screen is super awesome.
I needed to accessorize stat. There are tons of adorable choices.. skins, folios, sleeves, styluses.
I went with the folio case from Target.. I got a checkered plaid red, white and gray. I wanted to be able to watch Netflix in bed hands-free and I didn't want it to be really girly.

Here's something awesome! I did some window shopping for you to get you started on your search for the perfect accessory & protection for your iPad!
1// Speck iPad guy 2// Speck for Target 3// Gussy Sews 4// Claire Vivier for Splendid 5// Society 6

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