Wednesday, September 5, 2012

teaching & nurturing creativity

I don't think it's any secret that art is really important to me and my family. We've always got the crayons, paints and paper out. Our dining room chairs have little splatters of paint on the back and the kids' fingernails are always colorful.
But I don't believe that creativity is just doing art projects.
Creativity is such an important thing to have. We all have it, but many people don't believe that.
Even if you don't feel artistic or crafty, you can still be creative.

Creativity is everywhere. Art is everywhere.
But mostly it is in the way we think.
If something isn't working, a creative mind can find a solution.
If there are no good ideas, a creative mind can find one.
If there are 3 things in the refrigerator, a creative mind can eat well.
If things are a mess, a creative mind can make it nice.

How do you get a creative mind?
You have to believe you have one. There is no other way.
Sure, some people are more inherently creative than others.
But if you believe you can stretch your creative muscles, then you can.
Teaching my kids that they are creative is important.

It's about saying:
"Wow, I really like the way you put your bike in the garage!"
"That was a creative place to hide!"
"I definitely think you should dip your donut in ketchup!"

One day, they may stop the constant coloring.
But I will praise their creativity in all the things they do.
I will continue to show them that their minds are creative even without a crayon in their hands.
And if they keep the crayons, that's just a bonus.

p.s. these photos are from june. oh, so behind.

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Your Mom said...

You are such a way better mom than I ever was....... sigh. I'm so proud of you and Evan and Mimi are so lucky to have you.