Monday, January 3, 2011

scenes from a busy december 2010

I was really super psyched to post this collage that I spent all day working on yesterday.. But for whatever reason, I can't get it to post in a reasonable size on the blog. I tried uploading it to several places and finally decided to export it as a PDF and post it on Scribd. Very weird and definitely not as high quality as it would have been had it worked here, BUT I worked so hard on it and I really want to share it. The pictures are pixelated, but still quality enough that I feel okay about it. If you are a family member and would like me to send you the file so you can see it a little bit better, let me know!
SO... To see the picture collage, click right HERE!

Can I just say that this collage took me forever and a year? (I know it's huge, I know)
I took a lot of pictures this December.
I felt more inspired than I had in months. And I'm finally getting comfortable with the new camera.
In fact, so comfortable that I feel weird with the old one now.

Nevertheless, looking back on this month was nice. It's been a rough month for me emotionally and I really needed to see all the joy I experienced to really realize how lucky I am.

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