Friday, February 4, 2011

super bowl munchies!

I really like the Super Bowl. I really, really like it. The commercials are fantastic, the half-time show is usually horrible and I like football. And this year, the Super Bowl is EXTRA special because our beloved Packers are playing in it. Seriously, the Packers are a big freaking deal in this house.
Since our baby is due next week, we decided not to have a party or do anything super special for the Super Bowl. After all, we could very well find ourselves cheering on the Pack in between contractions and we so are those people who will turn on the TV just for this game in the hospital. If we are home, I plan to make a couple things, but if it were up to me, I would be making about a million things. Ah well, Brewers season is close enough!

In case you're feeling a little last minute, I put together a little list for you of some appetizers that I've made and others that I think just sound tasty! So even if you're not that into football, at least there will be some great food!

These ranch burger sliders look fantastic!
Beef fajita nachos? Like a meal in snack form. Awesome.
I made these ham and cheese pretzel bites for the game a couple weeks ago and they were a major hit.
I've made these sweet chicken bacon wraps several times and they never disappoint.
Does anything say Super Bowl more than the "man log?"
Beer cheese and bacon soup. Nothing could be more Wisconsin.


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Miranda said...

Okay, darling.

Do you shoot with a 50mm?'s that flinging coming? :)