Thursday, February 3, 2011

toddler art: day 3

Toddler art class is the best. I cannot say enough good things about this class.
It teaches me patience.
It teaches him to listen.
It teaches me to let go.
It teaches him social interaction.
Evan and I are both getting so much from it. I feel like a better mom. Even though listening to a teacher and following instructions are a bit outside of Evan's comfort level at this point, I think that's good. He is learning. He might be the kind of kid that hates listening to authority (aka teachers) but I think that helping him learn that it's important at such an early age is so important. He likely won't go to preschool until he is four or close to it, so this class makes me feel like he can start to learn these things without it.
PLUS, the projects are so fun! I love to do art projects at home and I am getting so many great ideas!

Two weeks ago, we made this project. Each child was given a little paper book. On each page, the kids had to use a different medium and color. Some of the pages including counting as well. They were allowed to choose which page was which in their personal books and there was quite a bit of freedom. From left to right: orange feathers, green felt "X's," blue stamps, red fabric, yellow sticker dots with marker smiley faces, purple paint, chalk, etc. After the books were completed, we tied them with a string and made little covers with construction paper. So this book actually folds up. Evan was so proud of this one that it went on the fridge!

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