Wednesday, March 16, 2011

bye bye maternity

I packed away all my maternity clothes the other day along with all the pregnancy books. I kept out a couple reference books about baby's first year, but the rest of that stuff is going away. After my first pregnancy, I got rid of all my maternity stuff, but this time around, I think I'll keep it a bit longer to be on the safe side.

Nursing has left me wearing the same few shirts over and over and over again though. I have 3 nursing tank tops and I find myself wearing the same few cover-ups and button-up shirts because it's easy, especially in public. I wonder if I am going to have to dress in these same shirts over and over for as long as I nurse her. It would be nice to not feel so constrained to these tanks, though they are comfortable.

So from me to you, any experience with nursing attire?

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Miranda @ One Little Minute said...

With my first I used a belly band as a sort of half-undershirt so I could wear any top and pull it up to nurse without exposing my belly. It worked brilliantly, though a little warm to have that extra layer in the summer:)