Thursday, March 17, 2011

ice cream with evan

Evan is awesome. I seriously love this kid. It's been so hard and exhausting with him lately, but I am working so hard to make him feel special and make him feel like I am listening to him. I know he loves his baby sister a whole, whole lot, but there definitely is a little jealousy there, mostly when it comes to mama. He's like my little sidekick and right now it's hard to have enough time to really devote to doing special things with him. Doing the dishes together is fun, but I don't think it's cutting it. Sunday night I decided I really wanted to take him out for ice cream. So we did. And we had so much fun. That hour of time together was definitely needed and it was the first time that it was my idea to leave the house without Mila. I wasn't anxious- I was just happy to be with him- happy to be able to listen to him and play with him and take self-timer pictures in the middle of a restaurant even if people are staring.

I taught him my signature move- get a cone, but order it with a dish so that you can scoop the ice cream out when you are sick of it and move onto the cone. He took that as a sign that sticking your fingers in the ice cream was needed. I agreed. Our table was too small for my camera lens so all we could come up with were pictures of our hands. Still, the memory is so special and seeing his big smile in the back of this one lets me know that I'm doing something right.

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