Thursday, May 26, 2011

remembering to take snapshots

Remembering to take snapshots of my family can sometimes be difficult. I used to take pictures nearly every single day. But life has become busier and I have become very focused on portrait photography that I sometimes forget that it's okay to take an imperfect photo and it's okay to share them too. Not every situation is going to have ideal lighting and often times, people aren't posing. I take out of focus images and I keep them when they make me feel something. Things are just happening- things I need to remember. These are the types of photos that will make the cut when it comes to my family's personal albums. I need very much to remember when Mila first started playing with toys and that she liked to suck on her fingers. I need very much to remember how much Evan was excited that he could finally start playing with his little sister. And I especially need very much to remember this special relationship between a father and his son. Even though I love a technically perfect image, I enjoy an emotionally perfect image just as much.

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