Wednesday, August 10, 2011

9 times out of 10

These two are the reason I don't get anything done around here. I have to watch their every move! As Mila becomes more mobile, I know that will change. But for now, she's still so little and fragile. You can tell that she is already going to be a little pest to her big brother, but he loves her so much. He doesn't let an hour go by that he doesn't let her know that. And if playing with them is what I get to do instead of dishes and folding laundry, I'll take it 9 times out of 10 (hey, the laundry does need to get put away sometime!).

(I know that third one is a little blurry.. gotta be quick with the little ones and it's a memory I won't hit delete on)

(Mila's headband is from Cozette Couture, it is so cute and the rest of the pieces in the shop are super cute too!)

(Notice Evan's hand out to try to tell Mila not to grab the trains anymore in the last one- gotta love it!)

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Anonymous said...

The 2nd photo, where Evan is touching/tickling Mila's toes and she is biting on an orange ring with that adorable Cozette Couture headband on - seriously should be submitted somewhere, anywhere - because it is truly an award winning photograph.