Tuesday, August 9, 2011

i see me

Ever since Mila was born, I've felt this deep connection to her. I feel this with Evan too, but I can already tell that my relationships with my children are very different (and that's good). Before I had a baby girl, I was so nervous because my relationship with my own mother isn't good, so I was very nervous that that would translate to my relationship with my daughter. I still worry about it, but I know it will be different, better. Mila and I share a bond that I can't explain. Maybe it's because of our breastfeeding relationship or maybe it's because we're girls, but I think it's because when I look at her, I see me. I've always seen me when I look at her. I feel like I am looking in a mirror. I can see her inner beauty and it shines light on my life.

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