Wednesday, August 24, 2011

cdel design | madison/waunakee commerical & children's photographer

I was approached by Lori of Cdel Design because she was in need of some fun photographs for her website. Cdel Design is genius! Lori's big seller is the STICKYBAND! These headbands are fantastic- they really keep your hair back and they don't slide all over the place. They work for all head sizes, from little girls to adults. I have a hard time with this because I have a small head, but they are perfect for me! I wear mine all the time- they pair with a casual daytime outfit or with some intense workout gear. I think you could even wear one of these for an evening out! First, we spent the morning at a local TRX Training Fusion bootcamp, which made me feel like I should really start working out more! These people work HARD and have the bodies to show it! I never once saw a stickyband fall off. Then, we spent the morning with a bunch of kiddos at a local park. We let them just play and be kids and the pictures prove it! They had fun and I had so much fun photographing them. Cdel Design is all about "Run Fast, really fast! Work hard, really hard! And play everyday!" I love it! It was so great working with Lori and all of the people involved! Now go get yourself some stickybands! (P.S. The next three posts will be some adorable sibling shots from our day at the park!)

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