Monday, September 19, 2011

what they wore

I didn't blog even once last week. Everyone was sick. First it was me with a good 'ol sinus infection (never had those before I had kids) and then slowly but surely the kiddos got sick too. If you're friends with me on Facebook personally, you know that we had to take Mila to the ER Thursday evening. She's ok, no worries. She aspirated a craft sequin, but luckily choked it back up and swallowed it. We had to call 911 and she and I took an ambulance with the boys close behind. I still have the hospital bracelet on as a reminder that parenting is not a freaking joke. Sometimes I forget to sweep the floor, but that's not okay. So needless to say, the past week has been dramatic. As we get over our colds, I am finally getting to some things.

One day a couple weeks ago, I took a lot of pictures one day. I just decided that I wanted to document that day as a typical day in our lives. (I'll blog that day as well as a new favorite of Evan later this week). As part of that, I snapped a photo of what each of the kiddos wore that day. I was particularly happy with the clothing choices, which always brightens my day.

Evan chose his red "work shirt." He calls it that because it's a button-up.
For Mila, a size 12 MONTHS ruffled sleeve top. It was so cute.
I feel like it's important to remember these things. In many years, I won't be able to remember what they wore every single day, but one day, I'll look back and remember that Evan liked to pick out his own clothes and I'll remember the time when Mila didn't know how to yet!

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Anonymous said...

Sooooooooooo glad Mila was okay! Whew! Very cute clothes choices!