Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the apple orchard

We've been gearing up for weeks to pick apples this year. It was our first time and I wanted Evan to be excited about it. He thought it was okay. He slipped on an apple and lost his shoe and wasn't a big fan of "going too far" (aka walking). He says he liked it though, and we came home with a decent amount of apples, a small pumpkin, a donut (okay, that was gone within 5 minutes), a caramel apple and some delicious cider. Now we've got an enormous bowl of apples to use. What are your favorite apple recipes? Something OTHER than pie? I'm planning applesauce, apple chips and maybe an apple crisp or galette instead of a traditional pie. Oh yeah, Mila and I were there too, but I was manning the camera (one-handed while she took a ride in the mei tei) and we just didn't really think to take a family photo or anything (we've been terrible with that this year). There are a couple of iPhone pics though, so at least there's SOME evidence that we did in fact tag along.

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