Thursday, February 23, 2012

he's just great

thank you so, so much for all your support readers and friends regarding evan's seizure.
i am so humbled by your love. others have been just as surprised as i was about how common these seizures are because they too, have never heard of them. i am definitely going to raise awareness about febrile seizures and i hope that if you or someone you know has experienced one, that you will share your story with me and let me share it with everyone. a lovely friend of mine has already told me that we could share her son's story, so hopefully that will be up next week. again.. thank you, thank you, thank you.

time is flying too fast with this one. this little boy.
when they are babies, you get so sad as they get bigger.
but once they can talk and backtalk and wash their own hands and ride a bike...
well.. you kind of forget to be sad.
because you've gotten so far.
and you can see so much more.
but i am sad. sad that he's not tiny anymore.
at the same time, so happy. that he has interests.
that he'll voluntarily take self-timer photos with me.
and that he knows what a self-timer is. and wants to learn to use my camera.
and that he's just so great. a great son. a great big brother.
we are so lucky to have him. i am so lucky to be his mother.
and now the tears are welling up.. so i'll let some pictures speak for me now..

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Joy Bennett said...

You are a great mother and you have a great son! "Evan's story" touched me - and so many others. You are so courageous - and so is your little man, Evan.