Sunday, February 26, 2012

le weekend

This weekend was kind of relaxing. Mr. Myers had two days off in a row again. We took the kids to the Disney Store.. I hadn't been since I was a kid.. wow, that place is awesome. I've never been to a Disney park, but judging by the magic of the store, I imagine it's quite magical. We cooked all our meals at home which was a nice change. With the hospital stay and out-of-town visitors, we've been eating out a lot lately. We watched Friends with Benefits, which was funny.. but kind of awkward too. I've been working on consolidating my school loans, which makes me positively ill. It's nice to look back at iPhone photos and see all the fun we had...

1. "oh nothing, just snacking with my sunnies while my big bro gets a haircut"
2. a quick self-portrait while the kiddos take a bath
3. "no pictures of me! take a picture of my flip flop!"
4. all the disney princesses. crazy that it was 30 years between the original 3 and ariel
5. bouncy slides and castles at the mall
6. a little afternoon pretzel snack
7. mimi trying on her brother's new shin guards. evan in the background playing hot wheels on the table
8. cleaning our faces after making some nutella cookies
9. just had a thin mint. bought them outside lowe's

I just read this incredible story in the new e-mag Wayfare and I HAD share it with you. The mag itself is about all things travel. The story is about a family that has moved to Burundi to fight for fair wages for coffee farmers. Reading Kelly's words about how passionate her family is about instilling adventure and passion in their children really struck a chord with me.

Particularly this quote at the end of the article: 

"I am passionate about becoming the kind of person I want my kids to be. Having a dream and pursuing that is a huge part of that for me. It's scary to discover what you want out of life, and to go get it. But, if we can't show them what it looks like to have a dream and work hard to achieve it, I can't really expect that they will turn out to be men who are capable of that."

Visit Wayfare magazine.
"The Daily Grind" article on page 39.
Read Kristy's blog from Burundi.

Seriously read this. It's full of beautiful stories and the most captivating photography.
I've always wanted to travel the world. I don't know if I will. I don't know if I will with my chlidren.
But this magazine motivates me to work harder so that I can. So that I can see more. Experience more. Help more. Photograph more.

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Joy Bennett said...

You and me are alike in this way...we've always both wanted to travel the world! I don't know either if I ever will, but I'm going to keep shooting for the stars and try to get there someday! I still hope that you and me get to take our NYC trip someday and stay at the Waldorf! I love the quote you posted above and I also agree with that you must show your kids that it's okay to have dreams and even better to pursue them!