Friday, February 3, 2012

life with sickies

well.. my family is sick. sick. sick. i'll spare the boogery details.

but we are loving it here so far. we get to play outside so much more!
though i hear the weather up north has been pretty nice.

mr. myers has weekends off here so far, which i think is really fun. even though our schedule is far from "normal," having saturday and sunday together feels a little more relaxing than a couple of random days during the week.

this weekend:
-build a fort
-play tee-ball outside
-put new numbers on the mailbox
-put on cabinet locks for little miss mischief
-burgers on homemade buns!
-more birthday prep
-super bowl with a couple of really lame teams

a couple quick portraits of the kids.. (unedited besides the resize)

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