Saturday, February 18, 2012

lots and lots and lots

life has been crazy, seriously crazy over the past couple of weeks.
a few weeks ago, the kids got sick. evan spent a lot of time on the couch sleeping and mila was doing pretty good.
exactly 2 weeks ago, evan had a seizure out of the blue in the backseat of our car. we called 911 and we rode in the ambulance to the hospital, where we stayed for the next 3 days. there were many tests done and the ER doctors didn't think that what he had was a typical febrile seizure (a seizure caused by the up and down fevers children sometimes have).
a few days after we left the hospital, my dad and eric's parents arrived for mila's birthday.
so needless to say, we've been busy. i had to go through about a month of photos to blog. there are some good ones! so this is a bit of a photo dump, but i am going to try so hard to get back on track after this!

here's a couple of super cute portraits of mila hanging out on the beach.. she loves it there! loves!
and evan was there too.. he just didn't want to pose for the camera that day.. (or any day lately)
here's a cute one of evan and our neighbor girl, marley. she's a sweetheart.
we had signed evan up for basketball, but he was so sick the day that we took him so we left. and because of recent events, haven't been back. we are signing him up for a soccer league and will sign him up again for basketball after that.
lots of naps from the little man on the couch in the week before his seizure. mila had to play all by herself, but i think she managed. from time to time, she would bop him on the head, but he just slept right through it.
the day of evan's seizure, we went to charleston. it was kind of a bummer of a day and we came back to myrtle beach, had dinner and on the way to the candy store, the seizure occurred.
that's the bridge into charleston. i have a few pictures from inside the hospital, but they just feel a little too private to share. evan was so freaking excited to be home from the hospital and wanted to PAINT right away. such a little artiste.
i think the kids were happy to be reunited at last.. they're always bugging each other lately and it's pretty funny. they also play nicely from time to time.
evan helped me make lots of rainbow colored cakes for mila's birthday (i'll share those another day).
the kids were really excited that grandpa had an iPad. grandpa played lots of words with friends and the kids were really into the dora and mickey apps. REALLY into them. mila's face here CRACKS ME UP!
the day before mila's birthday, our neighbors had a birthday party for marley. princess bounce castle and all. she's 4 now! yay! happy birthday little lady.

and that's it for now. i'll share mila's birthday next and then hopefully get on a more regular blogging schedule. still so much going on, but i think i can take a little time every day to blog. i think i can, i think i can.

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