Saturday, February 18, 2012

mila's first birthday

mimi's first birthday was super fun!
good morning beautiful..
evan came out and immediately posed for a picture with birthday sister.
we went to the aquarium for the morning and saw lots of really cool sealife.. mila really liked it!
(photo tip: i had my camera at the highest ISO my camera goes to (3200-4000), but since I was exposing properly, there isn't as much digital noise as one might expect. underexposure is a bigger culprit for noise than a high ISO setting, especially in shadows. i had to set my ISO that high because the aquarium is what i would call an extremely low-light situation. i had to make a choice between noisy and blurry. i would much rather have noise than blur. and lucky me, the noise isn't very noticeable! if i did not set my ISO this high, my shutter speed would be too slow for me to handhold my camera. even with my ISO set this high, my shutter speed was only at between 1/50 and 1/80. some people are able to avoid camera shake at this speed and others not. i generally do pretty well at 1/50, but any slower and it's all blur. these aren't perfect by any means, but memories > technical  perfection in this case.)

we went to lunch, then came home, opened presents and had cake.
mimi was not interested in smashing her enormous cake. i put white chocolate chips on the top (her FAVE) and she just wanted to eat those. inside that big cake are 2 inch cake sections of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

the little polka dot cups, straws and the fringe banner on the wall (you can barely see it in the picture) came from shop sweet lulu. so cute! the hanging decoration is just strips of cardstock sewn together. so easy and so fun.

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