Wednesday, June 13, 2012

beach day

since moving to myrtle beach, we've been at the beach pretty much every week. we got a pass to the state parks, so we head about 25 minutes away to huntington beach state park. the beach is so clean, there are lifeguards on duty and the water stays pretty shallow. sick waves too. wish i could surf. (bucket list) the kids are super obsessed with the sand and the water. but what i love about the beach is that there are no distractions. we can just be together. no phones, no computers, no tv, no worries. you can think clearly there in the wide open air. mila and i stood there holding hands, waves crashing at our tootsies and i saw her look out at the ocean. i looked out too and i said to her "there's so much out there for you."

it's out there.

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Mom said...

Yep. She can be anything. She can do anything. Grab life by the reins and go girl!