Thursday, June 14, 2012

reading and writing

Nobody knows I'm writing this blog. At least nobody I know. Except Eric.. because we share everything. I need to come to a place with it that I like and that I feel comfortable sharing. I need to come to a place with it where I feel proud of what I put here and I can feel proud to say that I am a writer. That I write this blog and that I am writing a book. It's difficult to find yourself in this world. I mention it a lot here- the idea of finding oneself. I'm on that journey and it is so damn hard. It's really easy to make the wrong decisions, but really hard to find the right ones. We're not supposed to be searching for them. They are meant to be there for us. We can't wake up and decide who we are, no matter how much we wish that we could. We can't wake up and find success. We have to work for it. We have to pour our souls into it. We can't just half-ass life and hope to find money or recognition or happiness. Happiness is there for us, but we have to be willing to let it in.

My kids love books. They love them. They look at them with such innocence. They don't have judgments and they don't analyze them... yet. They just like the pictures and the characters and they like when there's a silly word. They like to flip the pages and they like to stack them and they like to occasionally rip a page right out. There's tape for that. Books give them happiness. It's so simple for them and I hope it always will be.

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Mom said...

Amen on what you said in your first paragraph here. And everything else...yes, simplicity. And innocence. And truth. There is plenty of time to be a grown up. To be a child and the simplicity and happiness a book can bring. :) On occasion, when I was a little girl, my mom used to let me take a pile of books with me to bed for nap time instead of taking an actual nap. Oh how I loved "book" naps. :)