Monday, June 18, 2012

441 social statuses

Yesterday I deleted Facebook off my iPhone.

Oh God it feels good.

Those little apps shook, I pressed the little X and everything changed.
Instead of checking on the social statuses of all 441 "friends" that I have 5 times per hour, I checked on it 5 times total today. And I hope to make that less.

You see, as much as I just love seeing photos my friends' kids and seeing what the people I graduated high school with SIX years ago are up to, I just don't care. I love to catch up with people that love to catch up with me. And there are many of those on Facebook. But there are too many that don't. And there are too many that I don't.

It's changing us. Facebook. iPhones. the Internet. Even television.
We find meaning and truth in something that couldn't be further from it. We find purpose.
But we're all lost. We're all mixed up. We all need to let it go.

Technological advances are so freaking cool. We've come a long way.
But what's too far? Have we reached it? Were we there already? Probably.

I can't keep wasting my life away. I can't keep feeling lost. I have to find myself.
And I am not hiding in 441 social statuses. That can't be where I am.

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