Sunday, July 8, 2012

our fourth

the 4th of july was one of the best days i've had recently.
i had to spend most of the day alone with the kids, so i set out to let them have lots of fun.
we put out the pool, water table & sprinkler right away.
they played for 2 hours, then we had lunch, played again and had popsicles!
we spent the afternoon relaxing, napping and working on tracing letters.
we picked papa up from work and went to the beach for the fireworks.
we could see fireworks in both directions.
it was so different than what we are used to. but really fun.
then back to home and work we went.
some neighbors down the street were setting off huge fireworks when me and the kids got home.
so we sat in the driveway and watched for a little while.
then off to bed.
up early again for swim lessons in the morning.

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