Monday, July 23, 2012

super rad: one canoe two

As you know, I love good illustration. Whatever that means. Good means I like it.
On my radar for a while now has been the design team behind One Canoe Two.
Perhaps most recognized for their presidential print, though all of their work is serious eye candy.
I personally (thanks to my mama) have their South Carolina and Wisconsin letterpress hanging in my kitchen. If we ever move again, I'll definitely add to that collection.
I love the simplicity of their designs. Simplicity always wins with me.
The product is top-notch quality. Thick paper. Gorgeous letterpress.
And their new website design is really cute, too.
I'm especially enamored with this "Let's Go Ride Bikes" print because I really hope to live in a walking/biking city someday. This would be the perfect motivation to get out the door and leave the car behind.

Visit One Canoe Two and show some love: Website // Blog // Etsy // Facebook


Mom said...

Thanks to you dear sweet daughter, I now know what letterpress is and why you love it so much! This design is super cool. Birthday coming up???

Jaimie said...

Yes, birthday coming up.. other awesome Etsy choices in my right sidebar as well as my "lust" board on pinterest ; )

letterpress = awesome

Mom said...

:) K! Got it!