Wednesday, August 29, 2012

evan's 4th birthday!

I can't believe he's 4.
Okay, I sort of can.
He is so not little anymore.
He thinks like a big kid.

We left for donuts in jammies right away.
Then we came back to relax and finish getting ready for his painting party!
Played on the iPad a bit, watched some TV and finished making the homemade pizzas and putting the Fruity Pebbles on the cupcakes.
Then we painted! Everyone had fun painting. Mila painted TWO canvases. The older kids didn't paint very long and the two youngest were the last ones painting.. totally not what I thought would happen.
Ate pizza, ate cake, opened a few generous and fun gifts.


Mom said...

Love your calligraphy "Evan" place card! Brad and I were super impressed with the balloon doorway decoration! That must have taken you hours!

Jaimie said...

Thanks! I made the balloon wreath for Mimi's bday and yes, it took me hours.

Mom said...

Beautiful! You are sooooo talented and resourceful!