Thursday, August 23, 2012

sending out some love to the net

Because I can't blog without a photo.. here's real life.. last month..
And now for some links to some really awesome stuff I admired on the web this week. Give them love!

I used to read this blog like crazy and then stopped. Recently rediscovered.
Thinking about doing Project Life next year.. Elise inspired me.
Earlier this week, Evan and I made a batch of this granola..
only we used pecans and added chocolate chips after it cooled.
The Beauty Department is an awesome blog.. and I will forever love LC.
Have you ever checked out Urban Weeds? Awesome.
OBSESSING over 'a petite story' at Oh Joy! The scalloped shell would be a serious wardrobe staple.
I love the polka dot shorts with the sequined top. Never would have thought of that.
Mmmm, I could totally eat that.
Love this testimonial about Sue Bryce. She's been a huge inspiration to me.
Love seeing old friends share awesomeness. Boomerang: Exploring and Explaining Millennials.
Drugstore beauty buys. Definitely agree about the Sally Hansen nail polishes.
Two blogs from ladies from my dream spot.

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