Thursday, September 13, 2012

in the market for // a journal

I have never kept a journal or diary. I never really thought about it.
But when you think about it, this blog is a journal. And so is Facebook. And Instagram. And Twitter.
I'm just sharing my life one bit at a time.
One thing I am afraid of is oversharing or overstepping my bounds.
I have to stop myself before sharing sometimes because this is my life.
These are my thoughts.
Some of it is personal.
Some of it is just too much to share.
Some of it is not meant for others.
Some of it is stuff you don't want to hear.
Some of it is stuff I don't need you to hear.
Sometimes we have to get it out, but we can't share it either.
And so I have decided to start a journal.

Clockwise from top left:
1. Words not War by Hello Hailey at Minted
2. Rifle Paper Co.
3. Jonathan Adler for B&N
4. Striped Lines by Alethea and Ruth at Minted
5. Violets and Poppies by Kristen Smith at Minted

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