Monday, September 17, 2012

a home with a library

Happy Monday! We are having a family day today (my husband works most weekends and gets random days off) and we are headed to a local tourist attraction that we got free tickets to. I had planned to go to the new library branch, but I think I'll save it for later in the week. I thought it only appropriate though, that I share with you my love for library rooms. My whole life I have dreamed of having shelves and shelves of books in my home. Not quite there yet, but still, my heart stops when I see one I like. I normally go for more light and bright spaces, but when it comes to library rooms, I am attracted to more deep colors. Cozy looking places to sit are a must.

Both found via Pinterest:
1. Linked to You Are My Fave, though I cannot find the original page or source. PLEASE let me know if you know it! Love to give credit where credit is due.
2. via Canadian House and Home

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