Tuesday, September 18, 2012

sometimes i get... jealous

Sometimes I get jealous. It's true. I'm not really ashamed of it, but it isn't a fun emotion to deal with.
Sometimes I am jealous of what other people have.
Sometimes I am jealous of what other people look like.
Sometimes I am jealous of a life I cannot live.
I credit the Internet to a lot of the jealousy I experience.
We see an infinitely broad range of lifestyles on the web.
But in real life, everyone seems pretty much the same.. pretty, well, regular.
But we are not regular. We are all special. We are all human.
We all live intersecting and diverging lives.
In that I only mean that while we all seem so different from each other at times,
we have the capability to overlap and to teach each other, to learn and to love one another.
So when I get jealous, I remember that we all experience it and that perhaps I am the root of another person's jealousy. And if I can recognize that, I can have a better grasp of the world I live in and the people that surround me.

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Mom said...

Good post! The other day Brad said "I'm jelly" - he meant he was jealous. It was cute. But it's true. We all get jealous at times. That's for sure.