Wednesday, September 19, 2012

wednesday words

These words describe my life pretty perfectly right now.
For the past year, I have felt so uninspired and so lost in the world.
Though I am a mother and a wife, there is a large part of me missing.
The problem is that I have no idea what it is.
I know some things that I like and I definitely know the things I don't like.
But I haven't found a passion in life yet.
For a long while, I thought it was photography.
And I haven't ruled that out. But it just didn't feel right.
So lately, I have limited my media usage and started to write and sketch more.
Just ideas about life. Things that come to me while I am washing dishes or playing with the kids.
I am just trying to live the life I have and let the rest come to me.
And I know that it will if I allow it to and I work hard at getting there.
Writing this blog helps. I know it will evolve as I do and that is comforting.
I am in control here. I just have to believe it.

// print via Departika on Etsy


Mom said...

It will come. :)

Mama said...

Maybe you miss your Mama :) I'm always here for you. <3